Photo-Taking Tips
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Photo Tips

Tip 1: Get Down! Put yourself on your pet's level. If you take a photo of your pet from above, the perspective will be distorted. I call this the big head syndrome.

Tip 2: Think about the kind of painting of your pet that would be most meaningful to you: a classic head or body pose, your pet in his/her favorite chair, a playful pose.

Tip 3: If you already have a photo that you like, that's great! Otherwise, take more than one photo. Chances are you're not going to get the perfect photo with one shot.

Tip 4: Try to get a photo that shows your pet's true colors. Natural but subdued light is best; bright sunlight will tend to wash out detail and color.

Tip 5: Tell me about your pet - describe the color if your photo doesn't quite capture it and other important details: Name, personality, age, endearing qualities.

Note: Please send jpegs as attachments to an email (best) or regular photos through the USPS mail. All photos will be returned to you with the finished painting.